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More snack time with mommy

More snack time with mommy 1

Last weekend we had the opportunity to head up to north from the twin cities and visit a resort called maddens on gull lake which is located near brainerd this trip came at a perfect strongtimestrong as we had just gotten back from a busy work trip in indianapolis and were craving quality family strongtimestrong with our kids.

More snack time with mommy 2

Here is the perfect summer picnic or gathering food these matching strongmommy and mini caterpillar grapestrong kabobs are completely irresistible to both kids and adults alike.

More snack time with mommy 3

Hurry over to get this 44count pack of tropicana 423oz 100 apple juice boxes for just 889 shipped when you clip the 250 coupon and opt to subscribe and save thats just 20162 per juice box if you have 5 or strongmorestrong subscriptions arriving in a month youll save 15 off this order instead of the regular 5 making these deals even better.

More snack time with mommy 4

I recently had a reader ask how to help her 4 12 year old daughter say the k and g sounds these sounds can be tricky for little ones typically most children have mastered the k and g sounds by about 3 12 years of age.

More snack time with mommy 5

This post has been sponsored by the cocacola company all thoughts and opinions are my own keep the holidays fresh and fun with these 7.

More snack time with mommy 6

About christina christina is a crafty strongmommystrong to three little girls a wife to one handsome hubby and they all live in a home they built themselves in rural alberta canada.

More snack time with mommy 7

Strongapraxiastrong is a type of motor speech disorder that affects the way the body is able to produce speech motor speech disorders are neurological in nature meaning a childs brain has difficulty coordinating the different body parts needed to produce speechthe tongue lips and lower jaw due to.

More snack time with mommy 8

I see you there slowmo sliding into that kid like youre stealing third thatll teach him to offer your sweet child a dose of congealed red 40 highfructose corn syrup and modified corn starch ever again im sure now stand up missy dust yourself off and walk away or if you happen to have these super easy candies on hand simply jump back in strongtimestrong.

More snack time with mommy 9

Welp there you have it got any other ideas to add to this list have you done any of these activities with your daughter before if you have older daughters or are on the lookout for strongmorestrong ideas check out my strong20 mommydaughter datesstrong older daughter additionthese scenarios are geared for girls from young teen to adulthood.

More snack time with mommy 10

More snack time with mommy

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